Wellness Ambassador Spotlights

Wellness Ambassador Spotlights

February Wellness Ambassador of the Month | Donna Gutierrez

"Being a Wellness Ambassador has given me the opportunity to learn more about ways to live a healthy lifestyle. Sharing that information with my team has been rewarding as their feedback, upon receiving this information, has been positive and encouraging. In addition, I have developed wonderful friendships with my committee members who are just as passionate about sharing health and well-being with the rest of our team."

November Wellness Ambassador of the Month | Brianna Gunnarson

"I think of wellness as a measure of the overall healthiness of my life. This includes all aspects not just physical, although that definitely plays a big part, but also emotional, relational, and mental healthiness too. When I'm enforcing healthy boundaries... when I get up and walk... when I use my finances ... when I take rest time for my emotional health that's a part of wellness." 

November Wellness Ambassador of the Month | Mary Beth Penfold

"My motto is: bring your best self to work. Making good and healthy choices becomes easier when you have the right mental approach, attitude, perspective, etc. I try my best to demonstrate that mindset daily and to positively encourage my staff around me. Your actions can inspire others and I feel it is my responsibility as the units' ambassador to be positive and motivate others to do good works."

April Ambassador of the Month | Lynn Fowler

"Wellness means feeling good. It means being able to do the things you want to do. It’s holistic- mind, body, and spirit all need attention. I also think it is really positive and focused on taking proactive measures to be at our best. I like how people choose to pursue this in so many ways – time spent with friends, exercise, meditation, healthy eating..."