Laser Safety Eyeware

Laser Safety Eyewear

When looking for eyewear, whether it be general safety eyewear or laser safety eyewear, you must first have a comfortable fit. If the glasses are comfortable, you will be able to perform all your tasks with minimal interference and be fully protected.

Laser safety eyewear must be applicable to the specific wavelength and power range of that particular laser. We can calculate the Optical Density from the parameters of your laser. There are many types of laser safety eyewear available, including some that fit over your glasses, ones that have prescription inserts, and laser goggles.  Most eyewear is adjustable on several parts so that they can change to fit many different facial profiles. The eyewear can be adjustable in a variety of ways, including temple length adjustments, bridge adjustments, and inclination adjustments.

Remember, only protect the eyes you want to keep.

The following are some examples of Laser Safety eyewear and general safety eyewear:

Photo of sample eyewear.

Some vendors offer a discount to University customers (on average 20%). Tell them your Laser Safety Office referred you. The Laser Safety office also has several pairs of laser safety eyewear that can be purchased with your departmental account number.