Hazard Assessment Tool

The Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT) helps identify and communicate hazards in a laboratory or research area.

Non-lab personnel: Please use the Injury and Illness Prevention Program 

The Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT) has been created as part of the University of California’s commitment to continuing a culture of safety.  LHAT is a web-based system intended to identify and communicate hazards present in a laboratory or research area.  Once the hazards are identified, staff can take appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) training and print a voucher that can be exchanged for PPE. LHAT will be used by all academic appointees, staff, students, and visitors to prevent workplace illnesses and injuries. To set-up a new LHAT please contact Veronica Thron at labsafetyreview@ucdavis.edu.

As a Principal Investigator (PI) or Laboratory/Shop Supervisor, LHAT allows you to:

  • Identify or add laboratory workers into your lab group
  • Determine hazards that are present in the laboratory through guided questions
  • Communicate laboratory hazards to personnel through the LHAT
  • Identify the proper PPE to be used based on the hazard assessment

As Laboratory Personnel, LHAT allows you to:

  • Identify with a lab group
  • View potential hazards present in the laboratory through the assessment
  • Receive a list of proper PPE to be used in your laboratory setting
  • Receive training and demonstrate understanding of the training on the selected  PPE for your laboratory
  • Obtain a voucher for PPE to be used at UCD Scientific Store (recharge needed)

Login to LHAT

Accessing the System

Recommended Browsers

LHAT makes use of recent standards in web development and includes HTML5 features which are not supported in Internet Explorer 8.  We highly recommend using the latest version of one of the following browsers for the best experience in LHAT:

Students and Employees

Access the LHAT system (https://ehs.ucop.edu/) securely through InCommon by selecting your organization.  Log in using your campus-assigned log in ID and Password.   If you are having persistent problems authenticating using your campus Single Sign-On (SSO) account, select the “Help” link from the top navigation menu and then select your campus from the side-bar for help information.

Campus Affiliates

To access LHAT securely through InCommon, you must have a campus-assigned Single Sign-On Username and Password. For information on setting up a campus affiliate account, select the “Help” link from the top navigation menu and then select your campus from the side-bar.

Screenshot of LHAT interface.

Once you have logged in and are inside the system

Selecting a Role

Within LHAT you will be asked to select one of the following roles:

  • Principal Investigator (PI) - An individual responsible for the oversight of a laboratory and may include individuals with the title of Faculty Principal Investigators, Laboratory Supervisors, Department Laboratory Coordinators, Laboratory Directors, Instrumentation Laboratory Supervisors, and Laboratory Administrators.
  • Lab Worker - An individual working under the Principal Investigator.

Assign a Delegate

PIs can also designate Delegates, individuals who have access to all PI functionality except certifying a hazard assessment and creating a lab.


Video tutorials and field definitions used in the LHAT are available in the “Help” link in blue the top navigation bar.

Questions about your Hazard Assessment or LHAT

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Veronica Thron, vthron@ucdavis.edu, or email researchsafety@ucdavis.edu.

If you are a Laboratory Worker and have concerns about the activities that will be performed in your laboratory, please discuss with your PI directly, and consult with your campus EH&S office, as needed. If you have questions about the LHAT system, please contact the Risk and Safety Solutions Service Desk at: service@riskandsafetysolutions.com.