Staff and Faculty Health and Well-being

March - National Nutrition Month

March 01, 2021
This year the National Nutrition Month campaign is about “Personalizing Your Plate” as there is no one-size-fits-all. Keeping this in mind will help us find the right approach for our own nutrition and health.

February - Heart Healthy Basics!

February 01, 2021
Your heart makes life possible. It tirelessly pumps blood throughout your body to deliver oxygen and nutrients and remove waste products for the trillions of cells that make you--you!

February Wellness Ambassador of the Month | Karen Kinser

February 01, 2021
"I became a Wellness Ambassador because I wanted to share my wellness passion with others in my department. It is rewarding to see others participate and it helps me stay on track!"

January - New Beginnings!

January 01, 2021
Motivation and inspiration have been hard to come by for many this past year. Sometimes a whole new journey can start with just one small step forward, even if that step is in your own home or backyard!

Student Opportunities with DPP

December 10, 2020
Undergraduate students have great opportunities to gain valuable experience for their future careers right on campus! The Diabetes Prevention Program which is offered through the Safety Services department is one such opportunity for students to take advantage of. 

Many of the departments at UC Davis hire student interns to help out with day-to-day tasks and special projects. Through these internships, students can build their resumes with real-world experience and departments can hire extra hands at a lower cost or for free. 

DPP Participant Testimonials

December 07, 2020
At UC Davis, we strive to promote and support a culture of health and well-being throughout our community. These Aggies lowered their risk of Type 2 diabetes and you can too. CDC Full Recognition Status

The program has produced significant and lasting results for hundreds of UC Davis employees, using a nationally recognized, research-based curriculum from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).