Staff and Faculty Health and Well-being

Kombucha: Myths and Facts

September 25, 2020
Kombucha is a fermented drink from East Asia that has been consumed for thousands of years. Learn more about Kombucha and its potential health benefits.

October Wellness Ambassadors of the Month | Emily McDaniel and Katherine MacDonald

September 24, 2020
"What continues to be rewarding within this role is having the opportunity to continue to collaborate as co-ambassadors and with the collective child life team regarding ways we can promote health and wellness into each and every day to maximize coping, especially as we navigate many current compounding stressors (work, home and world-wide)."

Summer Ambassador of the Month | Alex Vela

July 22, 2020
"I’ve gotten to meet so many people in my building that I may not have had an opportunity to meet otherwise. I always have fun at each activity and it feels awesome watching people enjoy and benefit from an activity that you helped make available."

Are You Feeling Hungry?

July 08, 2020
Learn about things to consider when you feel hungry.

6 Tips to Get Enough Rest

June 15, 2020
Learn about how eating and sleep are related.

June Ambassador of the Month | Lisa Word

June 01, 2020
"My one little piece of advice that I would like to share with new wellness ambassadors is to start slow and follow your heart; think of wellness activities that you are passionate about. Start small and they will follow."

May Ambassador of the Month | Miguel Galvan

May 01, 2020
"I have helped contribute to our mission by providing my colleagues with support and resources to make healthy choices when possible. I help improve my team’s health by inviting them to go on daily wellness walks and by creating fun wellness challenges that encourage personal health and wellness."

April Ambassador of the Month | Lynn Fowler

April 01, 2020
"Wellness means feeling good. It means being able to do the things you want to do. It’s holistic- mind, body, and spirit all need attention. I also think it is really positive and focused on taking proactive measures to be at our best. I like how people choose to pursue this in so many ways – time spent with friends, exercise, meditation, healthy eating..."