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April Wellness Ambassador of the Month | Samantha VanAcker

Quick Summary

  • Being a wellness ambassador seems like a simple way for me to make a positive impact for my colleagues.

How long have you worked at UC Davis?

I have been at UC Davis for almost 10 years!

What does Wellness mean to you?

Wellness, to me, means living your life to optimize mental, physical, and social health.

Why did you become a wellness ambassador?

I was encouraged to become a wellness ambassador by other wellness ambassadors in the Pharmacy Wellness Committee! Being a wellness ambassador seemed like a simple way for me to make a positive impact for my colleagues.

How long have you been a wellness ambassador?

I have been a wellness ambassador for two years now.

What has been the most rewarding or positive part about your experience thus far?

My favorite part about my experience thus far was being able to host a tie-dye wellness event this past year. We had about 75 members of the department came out and created their own tie-dyed shirts and socks! It was a great way to break away for a few minutes, catch up with friends, and be creative.

What are some challenges you face as a wellness ambassador, especially through the pandemic

I think that one of the challenges is conveying to others that work is a place that we can and should practice wellness.

What is one piece of advice you would like to share with new wellness ambassadors?

Apply for a wellness grant! If you have an idea, go for it (there's no downside, but a huge potential upside).

Staff and Faculty Health and Well-being aims to build an environment that makes the healthier choice the easier one, while providing staff and faculty with the required support to make UC Davis the healthiest community. How do you feel you have contributed to our mission?

I feel that being a wellness ambassador and participating in our Pharmacy Wellness committee has allowed me to encourage others within our department to practice their own forms of wellness. Whether it's a daily stretch break in our office, or a department-wide wellness challenge, it's been rewarding to be a part of this movement.

What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

One of my favorite things to do is explore Sacramento by bicycle with my family. I've traveled 4,000 miles by bike in the past couple of years!

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