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Tim Annis Promoted to UC Davis Fire Marshal

Tim Annis has been promoted to UC Davis Fire Marshal, where he will oversee the Fire Prevention Services department within Safety Services.

Tim Annis succeeds Jim Patterson, who retired in June after nearly 14 years at UC Davis, with responsibility for state-regulated fire prevention services on the Davis campus, including code enforcement that ensures life and property protection.

Summer - Vitamin D and Sunshine!

Summer is here and the sun is shining bright! Vitamin D, or the Sunshine Vitamin, is produced in your skin in response to sunlight. It is an important nutrient that promotes calcium absorption and can help support bone health, heart health, immune function, muscle function, including nervous system function.

June - Brain Food!

June – Brain Food

Alzheimer’s Disease refers to a specific disease where neurons in the brain stop functioning properly, lose connections with other neurons, and die. With this progressive and irreversible degeneration, Alzheimer’s can cause dementia and eventually more severe symptoms. This disease tends to be more common among older adults, but it is not a normal part of aging!

June is Safety Month

Safety Services is hosting virtual activities and training weekly to keep you safe and healthy on and off campus.

Through interactive online presentations, resources and support, the following four weeks will help you prepare for a range of risks at the workplace and address challenges — ongoing and unprecedented — to your overall physical, mental and emotional health.

Heat Illness Prevention

With summer quickly approaching, now is the time to prepare for the risks of heat exposure and to be aware of heat illness prevention. Heat illness training is required annually for supervisors and employees routinely exposed to higher temperatures.

Meet Audrey Sulkanen, Hazardous Materials Specialist

Audrey is in the process of finishing her PhD program under Dr Gang-yu Liu in the department of Chemistry at UC Davis. In her new role, Audrey hopes she can help with repeated violation such as chemical compatibility.

DSC Update #105

DSC Update #105 is now out! Below are some of the articles that are included!

Meet the new Associate Radiation Safety Officer

  • Lina Planutyte is the new EH&S Associate Radiation Safety Officer. She began her career in radiation safety as an assistant to the Radiation Safety Officer at CSU Fullerton...


Scrap Metal Recycling Resource