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May Wellness Ambassador of the Month | Samson Lee

Quick Summary

  • Wellness is important to me because it serves as the foundation for how I experience and navigate life.

How long have you worked at UC Davis?

I have been working at UC Davis for 7 years.

What does Wellness mean to you?

My journey of wellness began at an early age through the teachings passed down in traditional Chinese Kung Fu, an activity I practiced until my early 20s. These lessons often comprised of themes that are applicable to everyday life such as striving for balance, leaning into your personal strengths, and connecting with yourself through discipline and meditation. Wellness is important to me because it serves as the foundation for how I experience and navigate life. It is the result of the times I truly show up for myself, whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally, or socially.

Why did you become a wellness ambassador?

I became a wellness ambassador because I am passionate about my personal wellness and hope to spread my enthusiasm to others around me. I find joy in helping others and cultivating experiences that result in long-lasting memories.

How long have you been a wellness ambassador?

I have been a wellness ambassador for 2 years.

What has been the most rewarding or positive part about your experience thus far?

My experience as Wellness Ambassador has all been positive. I am grateful for the opportunity to apply for wellness grants to help financially support wellness activities for my clinical team. Also, receiving information on various wellness topics and events helps encourage me and my colleagues to continue engaging in wellness activities.

What are some challenges you face as a wellness ambassador, especially through the pandemic

As a result of COVID-19, my entire team shifted to 100% remote. While working remotely has its benefits, there are significantly less opportunities to connect with your co-workers compared to in-person work spaces. These opportunities to connect are important because they affect team dynamic and performance. We have to be intentional and creative in ensuring there are equal opportunities for our team to connect beyond work interactions.

What is one piece of advice you would like to share with new wellness ambassadors?

I would advise new wellness ambassadors to do your research and not to be afraid to draw inspiration from others. Ask what others are doing and think creatively how we may be able to accomplish the same goal with your resources.

Staff and Faculty Health and Well-being aims to build an environment that makes the healthier choice the easier one, while providing staff and faculty with the required support to make UC Davis the healthiest community. How do you feel you have contributed to our mission?

I have contributed to our mission by creating opportunities for my clinical staff to learn and practice healthy cooking, meanwhile creating a space for them to bond. Equipping them with this knowledge and skills can help them make healthier dietary decisions that can be passed down to their loved ones.

What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, weight lifting, yoga, reading, rock climbing, slack lining, dancing, bowling, gardening, and renovating my home.

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