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We are here for you.

The Staff and Faculty Health and Well-being (SFHWB) Program has a mission to develop, promote and support a thriving culture of health and well-being throughout the UC Davis community.

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Upcoming Events

Meditation with Brenda Gustin

Learn how to have more energy and vitality, be receptive and relaxed, and recharge the body and mind with this monthly meditation session.

Live Mindfulness Meditation

Build resilience and foster your health and well-being with a 45-minute science-based mindfulness meditation, offered every Monday through March 22. No prior experience with mindfulness is necessary – all are welcome.

Latest Blog Posts

March - National Nutrition Month

March 01, 2021
This year the National Nutrition Month campaign is about “Personalizing Your Plate” as there is no one-size-fits-all. Keeping this in mind will help us find the right approach for our own nutrition and health.

February - Heart Healthy Basics!

February 01, 2021
Your heart makes life possible. It tirelessly pumps blood throughout your body to deliver oxygen and nutrients and remove waste products for the trillions of cells that make you--you!

February Wellness Ambassador of the Month | Karen Kinser

February 01, 2021
"I became a Wellness Ambassador because I wanted to share my wellness passion with others in my department. It is rewarding to see others participate and it helps me stay on track!"