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UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals

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**PLEASE NOTE: The Learning Management System (LMS), where trainings are housed, is set up for employees. If you are a student or visiting scholar, you must request access to the system before you can complete your training. Please email to request access to the system. 

This 1 hour course covers relevant campus Laboratory Safety Manual(s) and rights/responsibilities according to applicable regulations (Reference: 8 CCR 5164, 5191, 5194, 3203, 3380-3387), and meets the requirements of the UC Regents Agreement (if completed after 09/24/12). Course objectives include:

  • Understanding the UC Davis safety culture.
  • Analyzing Laboratory physical hazards, chemical hazards, biological hazards, and radiological hazards.
  • Developing administrative, engineering, and PPE controls.
  • Recognizing exposure and prudent practices.
  • Understanding rights and responsibilities.

Note: This course must be successfully completed by all existing laboratory personnel before any new worker is granted unescorted access to the laboratory. Once you have successfully completed the UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals course, you will reminded to take the online UC Laboratory Safety Refresher course in three years.  

Course duration estimate:

1 hour

Required before any new worker is granted unescorted access to the laboratory. Refresher training for the Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety will be provided at a minimum of every three (3) years.