Emergency Preparedness Training

Emergency Preparedness Training Classes

Class Description Registration
Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Basic criteria for disaster recovery, emergency management, and business continuity. Course duration estimate: 1 hour eLearning (LMS) More Information
Pandemic Flu Awareness Increase awareness potential pandemic flu threats and provide preparedness and prevention information. Course duration estimate: 30 minutes eLearning (LMS) More Information
Safe Travel Travel Companion. Course duration estimate: 5 minutes eLearning (LMS) More Information
Shots Fired  Response protocol for shots fired on campus. Course duration estimate: 20 minutes eLearning (LMS) More Information
Signs and Tags Different accident prevention signs and tags displaying levels of danger and required precautions. Course duration estimate: 30 minutes eLearning (LMS) More Information
UC Ready  Recording of a UC Ready Demonstration. Course duration estimate: 30 minutes eLearning (LMS) More Information