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Hazard Communication

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**PLEASE NOTE: The Learning Management Systen (LMS), where trainings are housed, is set up for employees. If you are a student or visiting scholar, you must request access to the system before you can complete your training. Please email to request access to the system.

This 55 minute course is intended for all employees who work with hazardous chemicals in an industrial (non-laboratory setting), in order to recognize and understand the required elements of the campus’ written hazard communication program. This course is designed to comply with regulatory requirements. Course objectives include:

  • Recognizing the purpose, scope and elements of the hazard communication standard.
  • Identifying how chemical hazards are determined.
  • Identifying the purpose of a Safety Data Sheet, and its components.
  • Identifying chemicals and their hazards, through campus labeling and warning practices.
  • Recognizing the physical and health hazards inherent with hazardous chemicals.
  • Recognizing the information and training required by Cal/OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard.
Course duration estimate:

55 minutes

Required. Refresher training is required every three (3) years within the department or by retaking this eLearning course.