Biological Safety Training

Safety Training Matrix for Laboratory Personnel

This document outlines the minimum medical and training requirements for personnel working in a research setting at UC Davis.

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Biological Safety Training Classes

Class Description Register
Aerosol Transmissible Diseases Identify the steps you should take if you experience an exposure incident. Course duration estimate: 1 hour eLearning (LMS) More Information
Guide to Shipping Dry Ice Online UC Davis Guide to Safely Ship Dry Ice via air. Course duration estimate: 30 minutes eLearning (LMS) More Information
Lab Safety for Support Personnel This course is designed for individuals who may enter a laboratory to provide a support function. Course duration estimate: 45 minutes eLearning (LMS) More Information
NIH Guidelines Training For all Principal Investigators and Co-PIs whose research involves recombinant DNA research. Course duration estimate: 15 minutes eLearning (LMS) More Information
Proper Handling of Materials at Biosafety Level 1 Required for research and projects involving microbiological materials, recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid. Course duration estimate: 25 minutes eLearning (LMS)  More Information
Q Fever Information regarding Q Fever, its transmission, epidemiology and related safety protocols. Course duration estimate: 30 minutes eLearning (LMS)  More Information
Safe Use of Biological 
Safety Cabinets
Required for those who use a biosafety cabinet for work with biohazardous materials. Course duration estimate: 45 minutes eLearning (LMS) More Information
UC Davis Biosafety Level 2 Online Training Required for working with recombinant DNA, infectious agents, and medical waste. Course duration estimate: 1 hour eLearning (LMS) More Information
UC Davis Bloodborne Pathogens This course will provide you with a basic understanding of bloodborne pathogens. Course duration estimate: 45 minutes eLearning (LMS) More Information
UC Davis Medical Waste Management Training Proper handling, packaging, labeling, and documentation of hazardous waste that is transported on public roads. Course duration estimate: 25 minutes eLearning (LMS) More Information 

UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals

Required lab safety fundamentals, chemical safety, general safety. Course duration estimate: 1 hour 

eLearning (LMS)

More Information
UC Laboratory Safety Refresher Refresher course for safety fundamentals, chemical safety, and general safety. Course duration estimate: 30 minutes eLearning (LMS) More Information
Unfixed Non-Human Primate Tissue, Cell Lines, and Body Fluids Safety Course No Description. Course duration estimate: 20 minutes eLearning (LMS) More Information