Walker Tracker Program

hiking group on a mountain trail

Journey with us around the world without ever having to leave your hometown. 

Walker Tracker is an app-based physical activity platform that records your steps from walking or from your favorite physical activity (e.g., aerobics, bicycling). When you sync or manually enter your steps to your account, your entries move you and your team move closer to the finish line. 

Our next challenge, Epic Walks Around the Globe will start in July! This trek will take you all over the globe visiting the most amazing, infamous and challenging hikes and trails. You’ll learn what makes each location amazing and the reason millions of people visit each unique spot every year.

Two Challenge Options - feel free to join one or both

  • 8,000 steps/day Team Challenge (Featured challenge)
  • 8,000 steps/day Individual Challenge

Instructions on how to form a team can be found through this link. We recommend teams of 4-10 participants. Teams with at least 4 participants will be eligible for prizes as team totals are calculated as an average, not a sum. Once you register or log in, you will be able to choose the challenges you wish to participate in.

Connecting an activity tracking device: The Walker Tracker platform connects to several compatible devices and apps (PDF) including Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin and more. If you do not have a device or app, no problem! You can add walking steps manually or convert your physical activities to steps.

Adding activity data: If you have an activity tracking device, please be mindful of not re-adding activities that are likely tracked with your device. For example, if you play soccer or tennis while wearing your device, please do not also manually add this as an activity. This is double dipping and not fair to the competition. Please only enter in activities if you forget to wear your device.

Please review the Walker Tracker user guide (PDF) to get started. We have also created a list of Frequently Asked Questions for your review.

Walker Tracker is open to UC Davis staff, faculty and student employees. 

Stay tuned for registration information. Questions? email wellbeing@ucdavis.edu

Questions? Email wellbeing@ucdavis.edu