Staff and Faculty Health and Well-being

February Wellness Ambassador of the Month | Donna Gutierrez

"Being a Wellness Ambassador has given me the opportunity to learn more about ways to live a healthy lifestyle. Sharing that information with my team has been rewarding as their feedback, upon receiving this information, has been positive and encouraging. In addition, I have developed wonderful friendships with my committee members who are just as passionate about sharing health and well-being with the rest of our team."

November Wellness Ambassador of the Month | Brianna Gunnarson

"I think of wellness as a measure of the overall healthiness of my life. This includes all aspects not just physical, although that definitely plays a big part, but also emotional, relational, and mental healthiness too. When I'm enforcing healthy boundaries... when I get up and walk... when I use my finances ... when I take rest time for my emotional health that's a part of wellness." 

Summer - Vitamin D and Sunshine!

Summer is here and the sun is shining bright! Vitamin D, or the Sunshine Vitamin, is produced in your skin in response to sunlight. It is an important nutrient that promotes calcium absorption and can help support bone health, heart health, immune function, muscle function, including nervous system function.