March is National Nutrition Month!

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March is National Nutrition Month!

National Nutrition Month is a yearly campaign that takes place during March dedicated to promote the importance of nutritious meals and physical activity in order to improve overall health and to reduce chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.

This educational campaign started as “National Nutrition Week” with the topic of “Invest in Yourself- Buy Nutrition” in the early 1970’s by a small community of dietitians as a way to increase awareness about healthy eating. By the end of the decade, the House of Delegates expanded the week to a month due to its popularity and success.

As a way to honor all areas of nutrition, National Nutrition Month goal is: "To increase the public's awareness of the importance of good nutrition and position Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics members as the authorities in nutrition (Registered Dietitians and Registered Dietitian Nutritionists)."

Some of the key messages are:

  • Choose a variety of healthy foods from all groups. Use MyPlate as a guide to a balanced meal.
  • Be mindful about food choices throughout each day.
  • Reduce food waste by being more conscious about what foods you really need at the store.
  • Find activities you enjoy doing and be active most days of the week.
  • Refer to nutrition experts for advice. A Registered Dietitian can guide you to meet your preferences and health-related needs.

How to celebrate with your family and co-workers:

  • Try to eat a different fruit/vegetable every week during National Nutrition Month.
  • Promote National Nutrition Month! Bring a healthy office treat. • Discover food recovery options in your community to reduce food waste.
  • Plan a nutrition event or a demo and invite a dietitian.

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