Nutrition Services

Nutrition programming and resources are offered to the campus community as part of the Staff and Faculty Health and Well-being program. Content is reviewed by a Registered Dietitian.

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Services We Offer:

If the following topics do not fit your needs, we can create a custom agenda for your group.

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Education and Counseling

Tailored to individual goals
Weight loss support
Diet for preventing chronic disease


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Creating a Balanced Eating Pattern

→ What is the most recent science saying about diet and health?
→ Dietary Guidelines for Americans – suggestions for individual actions
→ How to get and stay motivated



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Grocery Store Tour

→ Either virtually via Powerpoint or physically, in the store
→ Reading Nutrition Facts and ingredients labels class




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Meal Planning

→ Leave with three weeks of meal plans and recipes
→ Learn how to think ‘big batch’.




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→ Work out the agenda with the dietitian