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Summer Wellness Ambassador of the Month | Yevgeniy Gnedash

Wellness Ambassador of the Month
Yevgeniy Gnedash, VetMed Surgical and Radiological Sciences 

How long have you worked at UC Davis?

I have worked at UC Davis for 6 years.

What does Wellness mean to you?

Wellness, to me, means a healthy state of contentment and to be in a state of equilibrium.  Wellness is having the tools to turn negative situations into positive ones, to have the resources to grow and to pursue passions in life. 

Why did you become a wellness ambassador?

I became a wellness ambassador because I care about the health, safety and wellbeing of my peers, as well as a means to play a bigger role in organizational culture on campus. 

How long have you been a wellness ambassador?

I joined the Wellness Ambassador Program when it was first started as a pilot 5 years ago while I was still serving on the Health and Wellness Committee. 

What has been the most rewarding or positive about your experience thus far?

One of the most rewarding things is seeing peers getting excited about wellness, bonding during wellness activities and seeing positive outcomes. 

What are some challenges you face as a wellness ambassador?

The workload is an occasional challenge. During peak project periods, it's easy to become less motivated. 

What is one piece of advice you would like to share with new wellness ambassadors?

Do what comes naturally!  Be aware of your energy and limits, and tailor your approach.  Authenticity helps achieve success! 

Staff and Faculty Health and Well-being aims to build an environment that makes the healthier choice the easier one, while providing staff and faculty with the required support to make UC Davis the healthiest community. How do you feel you have contributed to our mission?

I feel that I've helped encourage my peers to be more active, and I'm positive that through being a wellness ambassador, I've helped influence departmental cultures. 

What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

Gaming and Gardening are very close passions! 

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