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Alternative Treats for Yourself

With October, trick-or-treat comes to mind. Trying to keep a healthy living lifestyle, treats once in a while are crucial. Do what you can to make sure that most of the treats/rewards are not counter to your health goals.

Often times we think of treats as food related, but there are other ideas that are just as rewarding. Today we are talking about some non-food treat ideas for kids and for adults.

Make a reward board to track your progress

A reward board can help track habits, and the moment you put a sticker or draw a check mark after you meet the goal is very rewarding. At the end of each month, you will be very satisfied when you see the reward board full of accomplishments!

Take selfies and recording your feelings

The camera on smartphones is getting higher quality, and taking a selfie is fun for a lot of people. As you meet your goals, take some fun selfies! Save them to their own special folder to increase self-confidence! And hey, you don’t have to post it anywhere, just enjoy the moment.

Take a nice hot shower or bath

Nothing can be more rewarding than taking a comfortable shower or hot bath after a long, busy day. Find your favorite shampoo or body wash and treat yourself.

Read a short story or watch a video clip

When life gets busy, it can be hard to read a whole book or watch a two-hour movie. Many short stories and video clips on the internet are fun to watch. After finishing an exercise session or eating a healthy meal, throw yourself on the couch and take a break to read a short story or watch a video clip that you like.

Take a walk while listening to music

Walking can be very relaxing, with music is even better! Put on a pair of comfortable shoes and your headphones to take a 10-minute walk. It adds to your weekly physical activity minutes so it’s even more rewarding!

Make Origami (paper folds)

Folding paper is a fun hands-on activity and a fun toy. When your kids meet their goal, such as eating their vegetables, you can make origami with your kids as a reward. There are many tutorials on the internet; you and your kids can learn something fun together.

Read a story together with your kids

Kids love stories. Reading a story with your kids is relaxing and a great way to bond. It can also bring back relaxing childhood memories of our own.

Cute stickers

With Halloween around the corner, many parents worry about the excessive sweets their kids are getting. Throwing a party at home or trick-or treating, one option is to give kids cute stickers instead of candy and chocolate. There are many other treats ideas that are not related to food. You can make any activity that you enjoy to be a treat for yourself.

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October is also the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Read more online.

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