Ergonomic Evaluation

Please perform the following self evaluation prior to requesting a formal ergonomic evaluation. 

Our experience is many minor problems can be successfully addressed in this manner.  If the self evaluation process is not successful, contact your Department Safety Coordinator for assistance in setting up a full ergonomic evaluation:

  1. Please view this image and verify your posture is ergonomically correct
  2. Please conduct stretches and breaks every hour to reduce build up of fatigue
  3. Try out our technology tips and tricks to improve ergonomics at your workplace
  4. Read our Ergonomics Workstation Setup and contact your supervisor to provide the necessary changes or equipment needed (Skip to Step 7 if you have no discomfort)
  5. If you are still need of assistance, please fill out our Discomfort Report (PDF) and inform your supervisor/ safety coordinator
  6. Please fill out the Office Risk Report (PDF) to assess your current risk. Once completed find Descriptions and Solutions For Office Risk Report
  7. Please order any equipment (micekeyboards & other components). 
  8. If your questions or concerns remain unanswered you may contact your department's safety coordinator for an evaluation. If you are unsure who this may be, contact your Departmental Safety Coordinator for more information

If you have completed all the necessary steps above, and you are still in need of ergonomic assistance, you can request an Ergonomic Office Evaluation for Discomfort by completing:

Please note, once this step has been reached, it will be an Official Ergonomic Case required by Cal OSHA and someone with the ergonomics department will contact you to schedule an evaluation.