Ergonomics Program Services

The UC Davis Ergonomics Program is designed to minimize repetitive motion injuries in the workplace in compliance with Federal and State regulations.


UC Davis Ergonomics Laboratory

The Ergonomics Lab is where you can test out different ergonomic equipment (keyboards, mice, sit/stand retrofits, etc.) and ask questions of a trained ergonomist. The Ergonomics Lab is located on campus at Occupational Health Clinic in Cowell Building. Appointments last about 20-30 min where you can try out ergonomic equipment to set up your own workstation. An ergonomist will work with you one-on-one to provide ergonomic support and answer any concerns. The Ergonomics Lab can help to reduce unnecessary purchases and allow employees to optimize their workstation to reduce overall costs and solve ergonomic issues quickly. Make a reservation ahead of time to guarantee your spot.

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Ergonomic Sweeps

An ergonomic sweep is where a group requests an ergonomic evaluation for each employee in their group. The process involves an ergonomist spending 20-25 min with each employee in their own workstation and educating them on ergonomic principles (i.e. correct height of monitor, keyboard, mouse, chair, etc.) and the importance of micro breaks and good habits. Ergonomic sweeps can reduce overall costs of individual ergonomic evaluations and control ergonomic requests within the department. If you are a manager or a safety professional, please contact us to make an appointment.

Considerations Prior to Conducting an Ergonomic Sweep

  • Sweeps can produce large amounts of product recommendations (chairs, tables, mice, keyboards, etc.), therefore expenses may be involved and budgetary considerations should be taken.
  • Sweeps must be scheduled one week prior and a Kick Off Meeting is encouraged with the main parties involved (Safety Person, Head of the Department, Ergonomist, etc.)
  • Department will encourage employees to sign up for an employee evaluation.
  • UC Davis Ergonomics will send a web based pre-evaluation form to the employee to complete prior to his/her scheduled ergonomic visit.
  • UC Davis Ergonomics will request the department provide a employee directory with employee's and supervisor's name, email and location.
  • UC Davis Ergonomics will provide project status reports sent to the department on the completion of the sweep.

Ergonomic Training

Ergonomic training focuses on providing education and tools to  office computer users on ergonomic principles and good workplace habits. Groups that are looking for cost effective education to their department should consider ergonomic training. The orientation training (~2 hrs) will cover ergonomic awareness, shared responsibility, behavior modification and will illustrate:

  1. how to recognize potential ergonomic contributing risk factors,
  2. the proper posture for working on computer and laptops,
  3. demonstrate how to properly use tools commonly found in the work environment,
  4. correct equipment placement, and
  5. the importance of exercises, stretching and micro breaks.

    Contact Us to Schedule a Training Session

Train the Trainer Ergonomic Training

Train the Trainer Ergonomic Training is intensive, in-depth training of two (2) department employees who will go on to perform ergonomic orientation training and ergonomic evaluations for the Department. The training is a three day workshop and will be provided based on demand on participation. Contact Us to put your name on the list for the next available training program.

Day 1: Future trainers learn how to conduct an ergonomic orientation training class. Future trainers develop a script for teaching the class by reviewing core concepts, asking questions and working the UC Davis Ergonomic Program training tools. Future trainers are taught how to answer the questions they are likely to encounter while teaching ergonomic orientation classes.

Day 2 & Day 3: UC Davis Ergonomics Program will provide the employees with a review of the ergonomics website. The website is the main source for all ergonomic information and documents is designed to facilitate immediate in-depth evaluations of employees suffering from ergonomic problems or can be used as a preventative tool.The website will assist the Ergonomic Trainers by:

  1. rapidly identifying and documenting ergonomic problems,
  2. providing suggestions that can be immediately implemented to alleviate discomfort,
  3. making employee specific product based corrections,
  4. providing information how to purchase ergonomic equipment

Ergonomic Space Planning

Ergonomic Space Planning is where ergonomics are brought in during the development phase of a new work space for employees. The ergonomics department will evaluate the tasks for appropriate ergonomic equipment, lighting and optimized work flow.

Benefits of space planning include but are not limited to:

  1. reduce overall ergonomic costs of ordering equipment,
  2. increase productivity and efficiency of the workplace,
  3. ensure employee safety at the workplace,
  4. prevent future costs of modifications to workplace,

An ergonomist will evaluate floor, lighting and common space work plans and provide recommendations for appropriate quantitative values and equipment for each work function. The ergonomist will work with the team to provide the most up to date information on ergonomic standards to ensure greater ergonomic flexibility for changes and growth of the department. Contact Us if you would like us to work on your next move or reorganization of your department.

Biomechanical Research

The UC Davis Ergonomics Program conducts in-depth ergonomic research to evaluate complex or high risk job tasks. Using tools such as motion capture, force gauges and human factors, we can evaluate tasks for ergonomic risk for various job tasks. In addition, we can help design and provide engineering solutions to reduce risk at the work place. This research can allow groups to make educated decisions to workflow and workstation modifications. We work with the Biological & Agricultural Engineering Department to reduce ergonomic risk on various jobs such as: Rabbit Dentistry for Veterinary Medicine, Battery Lifting for Fleet Services, etc. Contact Us if you have a problem you would like to have investigated.

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