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Product Type Foot Rest Keyboard Tray Adjustable Crank Table Electric Sit/Stand Table
Image kensington solemate


details keyboard tray


steelcase series 5 desk


steelcase 7 desk


Product Name Kensington Solemate Details Keyboard Tray (26") Steelcase Series 5 Steelcase Series 7
Why Choose This One?

Budget Choice

Wants to appear taller at their workstation

Foot Rocking

Need Positive/Negative Tilt

Varying Sitting Surface Height

Optimize Desk Space

Adjustable sitting surface

Simple set-it and forget-it

Writing and typing surface are the same height

Long term cost savings

Sit and stand option

Severe back or hip pain experienced by sitting for prolonged time

Willing to change postures hourly

Summary A footrest that is economical and effective at raising a worker to their work surface. Suitable for most offices, providing solid ergonomics in a thin package that can reduce the distance between elbow height and work surface height. Suitable for narrow shouldered individuals or those with unilateral shoulder discomfort due to over usage of the mouse The ultimate solution for most ergonomic cases due to the ability to adjust to user's shoulder width, wrist angle and typing posture.

Adjustable Height

Adjustable Tilt

Sturdy Base


Adjustable Angle

Adjustable Height

Ultra Thin Profile

Ability to Stow Away

Adjustable Height

Best Cost Savings

Sturdy Work Surface

Adjustable Height

Electronic Adjustments

Sit to Stand Options


Static Sitting Posture

Employee's feet will dangle if not using it

Hard to place and find

Not sustainable

Increase monitor to keyboard distance

High learning curve

Prone to failure

Limited space

Cranking is needed to adjust height

Must be set at elbow height

Power outlet needed

Standing clearance needed

Must be set at sitting and standing elbow height

Cost $ $$ $$$ $$$$

How To Order

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