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Device Type Small Hands Medium Hands Large Hands Left-Handed Track Ball Vertical Mouse Ambidextrous Mouse
Image logitech anywhere mouse


logitech marathon mouse


logitech MX mouse


logitech M510 mouse


kensington trackball mouse


evoluent vertical mouse


contour re:D mouse


Product Name Logitech Anywhere Logitech Marathon Mouse Logitech MX Mouse Logitech M510 Kensington Trackball Mouse Evoluent Vertical Mouse Contour Re:D Mouse
Why Choose this One?

Small hand breadth
(Size Guide)

Over-gripping current mouse

Medium mouse breadth
Size Guide)

Wireless option desired

Large mouse breadth
(Size Guide)

Pinching current mouse

Ambidextrous mouse

Left handed users

Accustomed to trackball

Uses wrist too often while using the mouse

Likes reduced arm motion

You have contact stress on the wrist

Likes to move from the shoulder

Reduces awkward wrist posture

Incorporates non-mousing hand

Reduces awkward wrist posture

Built-in wrist rest


A mouse that suits people with smaller hands. For people who currently over-grip their mouse or feels their mouse is too large to move comfortably

A standard mouse that is wireless and supplies three years of battery life. The standard replacement for computer issued mice

A mouse that suits people with larger hands. For people who currently pinch their mouse or feel their mouse too small to move comfortably

For left handed users who need an ergonomic solution. A mouse that is wireless and can be used on either hand for prolonged periods of time


A mouse that reduces wrist movement and allows for movement from the fingers


A vertical mouse rotates the wrist into a more natural posture and greatly reduces the contact stress on the wrist

A roller mouse that allows for the non-dominant hand to use the mouse. Keeps mouse in front of the user.
Features Ambidextrous

Usable on any surface

Compact & portable


Long battery life

Fast scrolling




Usable on any surface

Fast scrolling

Long battery life

Fast scrolling


Left handed use

Reduces wrist movement

Wrist rest Induced

4 programmable buttons

Reduces wrist movement

Reduces contact stress

Movement from the shoulder

Reduces reaching

Wrist rest induced

Reduces wrist movement


Change batteries

Slight high profile

Slight high profile

Not Suitable for Glass Surfaces

Requires charging


For normal hand size only

Not best choice for right handed users

Permanent positive tilt

Does not prevent contact stress

Not good for click and drag work

High Learning Curve

Not good for click and drag work

Increase shoulder usage

High learning curve

Not good for click and drag

Not the highest precision

Cost $ $ $$ $ $$ $$ $$$
SKU/Product Number PN 910-002896 PN 910-001935 PN 920-002912 PN 910-001822 DASK3MKPRORED

LPP71 1941

LPP71 1942
LPP71 2074
LPP71 2642