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Product Name Logitech K750 Adesso Mini Kinesis Freestyle 2 DAS Mechanical Keyboard Kinesis Numeric Keypad
Image logitech K750 keyboard


adesso mini keyboard


kinesis freestyle


DAS mechanical keyboard


kinesis numeric keypad


Why Choose This One?

Work surface is too high

Standard Ergo Keyboard

Narrow width

Over reaching to use mouse

Awkward wrist postures while typing on standard keyboards

Wide shoulder width

High type force or

Requires precision, accuracy and speed

Standard Ten-Key

Low force input and can be used on left

Summary A keyboard that is suitable for most offices, providing solid ergonomics in a thin package that can reduce the distance between elbow height and work surface height A mini keyboard that is suitable for narrow shouldered individuals or those with unilateral shoulder discomfort due to over usage of the mouse The ultimate solution for most ergonomic cases due to the ability to adjust to user's shoulder width, wrist angle and typing posture Keyboard for those who spend a majority of time (%70) typing on the computer. Mechanical keys allow for responsive, feather like tactile feedback for less errors and stress while typing The keypad allows positioning the keypad to the right or left of the keyboard and are perfect for narrow keyboards or in conjunction with your laptop.


Solar Powered

Ultra Thin




Space Saving

Ultra Thin

Adjustable Width & Angle

Narrow Keyboard

Attachments for more comfort: VIP & V3



Fast Type

Low Actuation Force


Space Saving

Low key force

Extra USB port


Does not correct posture

Still has some right shoulder rotation

Not suited for wide shoulders

No ten-key

Not wireless

No ten-key

Gap between two attachments

Not wireless

Thick (1.25 in)



Thick (1.5 in)

Extra USB Port

Do not place on right side of keyboard

Cost $$ $ $$$ $$$ $$
SKU/Product Number

PN 920-002912

Mac Version? PN 920-003472 Mac Wireless Keyboard KB800HMB-us DASK3PROMS1MACCLI AC210MUSB