Office Ergonomics FAQs

Below are questions our team has fielded in the past on topics relating to office ergonomics.

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Ergonomics Team,

  • Is there a loaner program to test out ergonomic equipment?
  • Yes, Davis campus employees are welcome to visit the Ergonomics Lab located in the Cowell Building to test out equipment such as keyboards and mice, and to borrow loaner equipment to try for one week.

    For appointments to visit the Ergonomics Lab on Davis campus, contact
  • Can a department avoid purchasing ergonomic equipment for an employee due to budget constraint?
  • No, under the general clause rule of Cal OSHA, it is the responsibility of the department to provide equipment for the employee for any known risks.
  • Are there any funds on campus for ergonomic equipment?
  • At this time, there is no funds available for ergonomic equipment purchases.