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Image 3M document holder


goldtouch wrist rest


goldtouch slim mousepad


fellowes monitor riser


ergotron neoflex stand


humanscale monitor stand


Product Name 3M Document Holder Goldtouch Wrist Rest Goldtouch Slim Mousepad Fellowes Monitor Riser Ergotron Neo-Flex Stand Humanscale M2 Monitor Arm
Why Choose This One?

Reading, writing or transcribing printed material

For people who work simultaneously on digital and printed documents

People who experience contact stress while typing

Reduce pressure of a table that is too high

People who experience contact stress while using the mouse

Reduce pressure of a table that is too high

People who need a good mouse surface

For monitors that are non-adjustable for height

For monitors that are below eye level

Users with tables that are too low

For laptops that need to be raised to eye level

For people who wish to use dual monitors with their laptop screen

People with high neck or spine issues

People who meet with others quite often and do not want monitors in their way

People who have or use progressive lenses


Document holder keeps documents between the monitor and keyboard to help reduce head, neck and eye movement. Design offers a versatile angle and height adjustment for easy viewing.

A slim profile wrist rest can help avoid injuries caused by resting your hands and wrists on a hard surface.

A slim profile mouse pad can protect your hand and wrist from hard surfaces and ensure that you’re in maximum mousing comfort.

Monitor Riser features three height adjustments to prevent neck and shoulder strain.

This stand’s six-inch (15 cm) motion range offers true ergonomic adjustment—lift and tilt a laptop’s screen to eye-level and increase comfort and productivity. Monitor arms gives a large range of motion offering the perfect position to support everyone’s eyes, even people with progressive lenses.

Height/angle adjustable

14" and 18" wide options

Capacity: 150/300 sheets

19.0x12.0x3.0 (Total)

Length: 16 in

Width: 3 in

Height: 3/8 in

Ultra Thin

Length: 10 in

Width: 8.5 in

Height: 1/3 in

Ultra Thin

Supports monitors up to 21" or 40 lbs

Height adjusts up to 1-½” (between 4-3/8” and 6”)

    Storage tray organizes essentials such as pens and paper clips

    14 lbs capacity

    6 in lift

    +25 degree positive and negative tilt

    260 degree pan


    Large Footprint

    Requires Stable Surface

    Best used if inline with monitor

    Slightly long

    Not a permanent solution

    Remember to not rest too long on the wrist rest

    Not used for split keyboard designs

    Large Footprint

    Not a permanent solution

    Remember to not rest too long on the wrist rest

    Large Footprint

    Requires Solid surface

    Be mindful of the height range of the riser (4-3/8” and 6”)

    Does not rotate

    Requires external keyboard and mouse

    May not work with docking stations

    Very expensive

    Monitor Weight limitations

    Not good for users who have little desk space

    Cost $$ $ $ $ $$ $$$
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