Wellness Ambassador Spotlight

February Wellness Ambassador of the Month | Karen Kinser

February 01, 2021
"I became a Wellness Ambassador because I wanted to share my wellness passion with others in my department. It is rewarding to see others participate and it helps me stay on track!"

December Wellness Ambassador of the Month | Michelle Harris

December 01, 2020
"I believe the most rewarding experience thus far has been seeing the enthusiasm and pure responses from those that have participated. One example of an event we've hosted is Love on Loan, where the SPCA comes out with animals for staff to snuggle up with and destress. The smiles and laughter in the room were truly inspiring to witness at work."

November Wellness Ambassador of the Month | Mary Beth Penfold

October 22, 2020
"My motto is: bring your best self to work. Making good and healthy choices becomes easier when you have the right mental approach, attitude, perspective, etc. I try my best to demonstrate that mindset daily and to positively encourage my staff around me. Your actions can inspire others and I feel it is my responsibility as the units' ambassador to be positive and motivate others to do good works."

October Wellness Ambassadors of the Month | Emily McDaniel and Katherine MacDonald

September 24, 2020
"What continues to be rewarding within this role is having the opportunity to continue to collaborate as co-ambassadors and with the collective child life team regarding ways we can promote health and wellness into each and every day to maximize coping, especially as we navigate many current compounding stressors (work, home and world-wide)."

Summer Ambassador of the Month | Alex Vela

July 22, 2020
"I’ve gotten to meet so many people in my building that I may not have had an opportunity to meet otherwise. I always have fun at each activity and it feels awesome watching people enjoy and benefit from an activity that you helped make available."

June Ambassador of the Month | Lisa Word

June 01, 2020
"My one little piece of advice that I would like to share with new wellness ambassadors is to start slow and follow your heart; think of wellness activities that you are passionate about. Start small and they will follow."