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05/17/19 01:50pm

Safety Month

May is Safety Month at UC Davis

May is Safety Month at UC Davis, with activities and training offered each week to help keep you safe and healthy - both on and off campus - all year long. At Safety Services, we want everyone to think safe, act safe and be safe, and the following four weeks address a range of risks for which we can prepare, whether you work in a lab, a cubicle or alongside a river in Rwanda. 

Week of May 20
Youth Protection - See all events/activities

Creating a safe space for minors helps ensure their positive engagement with UC Davis faculty, staff and students. When you host programs and activities for minors, you bear responsibility for their protection - from the staff you hire to the facilities they participate in. Further you must register camps, internships and other activities when UC Davis assumes responsibility for a minor. UC Davis offers support to help you plan and safely operate a program involving minors, from managing challenging behavior and supervising in various activity areas, to social media use. 

Prior Weeks' Activities


Children petting UC Davis Police k-9  May 1 & 2
Emergency Management & Mission Continuity - See all events/activities
From the initial WarnMe message through the “all clear,” safety officials are improving UC Davis’ emergency preparedness to better respond when something disrupts our mission. Campus safety is a shared responsibility and you can get prepared by attending active-shooter training or a session about how UC Davis commands, controls and communicates during emergencies of all types. 

person stretching overhead while seated at desk  Week of May 6
Well-being & Ergonomics - See all events/activities

Do some Tai Chi, visit the Health and Wellness Zone at TGFS, nourish yourself at the UC Davis Farmers Market and attend a noontime session exploring how
sound ergonomics and proper nutrition can help improve your well-being and productivity at work - providing results that will last long after you leave UC Davis.

researchers on coastline observing something in hand with waves in background.  Week of May 13
Field Safety & EpiPen Training - See all events/activities

When your job or research takes you, colleagues and students to remote locations, you should have a Field Safety Plan, and potentially an epinephrine auto-injector (EpiPen) in your first-aid kit. This week, field safety experts will provide field safety planning workshops, as well as CPR and epinephrine training for anyone who may encounter bees, particularly when you’re remote and disconnected.