Return to In-Person Lab Safety Reviews

Last year, in order to meet physical distancing guidelines and to provide maximum flexibility to the research community, the Lab Safety Review (LSR) started conducting remote annual inspections and follow-ups.

Starting in June 2021, the program will begin a transition to in-person lab reviews and will resume using the full LSR checklist.

The LSR team is working to schedule all in-person lab safety reviews for the month of July. We are committed to the safety and well-being of our research community and have published Laboratory Safety Resources to help labs with this transition.


Returning to In-person Laboratory Safety Reviews

Are you ready for in-person lab safety reviews? Drop in on a virtual presentation to refresh your memory on lab safety resources, common lab hazards, and chemical waste management best practices.

  • Monday, June 14
    11-12 pm
    Register here
  • Thursday, June 17
    11-12 pm
    Register here
  • The event will cover:
    • Lab Ramp-Up Checklist
    • Demonstration of Laboratory Safety Resources website
    • Updates on documentation requirements
    • Common findings slide show
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