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Driving Safely on University Business

Whether driving to a seminar in Sacramento or delivering widgets in Woodland, we can help prepare you to get where you need to drive for university business - safely and securely.

Join our Safe and Focused Driving Webinar

Put down the phone and take out the earbuds because driving safely for work requires paying attention. With more cyclists on campus than ever, construction everywhere, and new infrastructure to navigate – like roundabouts - this week is about bringing attention to requirements and good habits that keep you and others safe when you're driving a university, rental or personal vehicle on university business.

In this session, we'll cover:

  • Safe Driver Awareness training, which is required every three years for anyone who drives a vehicle (UC-owned, rental, personal) on university business.
  • UC’s auto insurance program: reporting accidents, claims process, driving personal/UC/rental vehicles. 
  • Enrolling employees in the Employer Pull Notice System, which allows the university to monitor the driving records of employees who drive for work.
  • Fleet Services’ 10 rules of the road to avoid distracted driving and safe driving in the campus core. 

Thursday, May 9
10 – 11 a.m.
Register via Zoom

Required Training: Safe Driver Awareness

UC Davis policy (PPM 300-30) requires department heads to provide safe driving information to anyone who drives on official university business. Campus drivers (excluding law enforcement) are required to complete the Safe Driver Awareness Training every 3 years. This includes anyone who drives a vehicle (UC-owned, rental, personal) on university business.

Fleet Services has developed online Safe Driver training modules that drivers can use to meet these requirements. Supervisors are able to assign training to their employees in the UC Learning Center (UCLC), which will also automatically remind the driver via email - every three years - to stay current.

Our driver training compliance is improving with a 100% increase from calendar year 2021 - 2022

Enroll Employees in the Employer Pull Notice System

The Employer Pull Notice (EPN) program enables UC Davis to monitor the driving records of employees who drive on university business. By monitoring employees’ driving records, we can:

  • Ensure that each driver has a valid driver’s license.
  • Recognize problem drivers or driving behavior.
  • Improve public safety and minimize liability.

Must participate in EPN program

  1. Specific job titles designated as drivers
  2. Operators of vehicles requiring a Class A or B driver’s license.

Recommended to participate in EPN system

Department Heads should enroll employees in the EPN System, when:

  1. Employees drive at least 15 hours per month on university business.
  2. Employees' job requirements may put the University at risk while driving a vehicle.
Systemwide Policy BUS-46: Use of University Vehicles is undergoing major redraft
Will expand requirements for pull notice program enrollment and increase accident oversight by UC Davis.

Additional Resources

Driving Complaints

Witness someone driving unsafely on campus or elsewhere in a university vehicle:

Campus Driving Lockdown

Vehicular movement in the center core is prohibited during class breaks/lockdown. When a traffic control gate light is flashing, lockdown is in progress, and drivers may not enter the center core during this time.