Chemical Inventory Supports

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The UC Davis Chemical Safety Team supports departments and laboratories that use chemicals.

Maintaining an accurate chemical inventory is the lab's responsibility and Cal/OSHA requires labs establish Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for work with hazardous chemicals. To better support researchers doing research, the Chemical Safety Team provides resources, training, and consultation to departments using chemicals.   

Events and Activities

UC Chemicals Overview and Tips

Chemicals is the application used at UC Davis to manage your chemical inventory and certify annually that your inventory is accurate. New users and those looking to expand their understanding of Chemicals should plan to attend.

We will cover the most helpful and commonly used features of the Chemicals app, including:

  • Setting up your Chemicals account
  • Adding to your chemical inventory
  • Editing container information
  • Reassigning containers
  • Creating a sublocation
  • Dates and Times

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We'll also cover ChemTag, which can be used in tandem with the Chemicals app to dramatically reduce the time labs spend maintaining an accurate chemical inventory. 

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

SOPs are required for work with hazardous chemicals. We've outlined minimum SOP requirements and provided templates you can use to develop laboratory-specific SOPs.

This course will cover ways the Chemicals app can be leveraged to identify SOPs required for your specific lab, as well as the Working Alone SOP (.pdf), which you should ensure is complete and reflects current working conditions.   

  • Dates and Times

Lab Ramp-Up

Once you are approved to resume laboratory operations, you should assess the condition of your laboratory, equipment and supplies. We have a prepared a detailed laboratory and research ramp-up checklist covering: steps prior to resuming lab work, decontamination and considerations for chemicals, biosafety and radiation. We'll explore this guide in more detail and take questions. 

Field Work Ramp-Up Planning Checklist (.doc)
Field Safety's Heather Spaulding will touch on remote field research ramp-up and address any questions.