Week 4: Injury Reporting

Fast, accurate injury reporting benefits everyone involved.

Departments are fined directly when injuries aren't reported in time and fines increase for repeat offenders. Even if an injury seems insignificant, there is nothing to lose by informing your supervisor and reporting it with UCOP. 

Timely Injury Reporting 

With Risk Management Services

Tuesday, May 24
Noon - 1 p.m.
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  • In this session, we'll cover:
    • Workers Compensation claims
    • Injury reporting trends- over the year and throughout departments
    • Implications of workplace injuries for staffing and turnover

Injury Investigation and  Prevention

With Environmental Health and Safety

Thursday, May 26
Noon - 1 p.m.
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  • In this session, we'll cover:
    • Injury prevention- near misses and identifying hazards
    • Implications of timely reports and investigations for Cal/OSHA
    • How to conduct an effective accident investigation

When in Doubt, Make a Report


  • Get connected with medical care, resources and tools for injured employees
  • -Keep your community safe by helping identify hazards to prevent future injury
  •  Enable Safety Services to handle all matters related to UC Davis policy
  • -Allow UC Davis make a timely investigatory report, which can reduce fines and supplement Cal/OSHA reports


  •  None!

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