Suspicious Package or Bomb Threat

For any threats or suspicious packages received or found:

  • Call 9-1-1 and provide information as to how the threat was received (letter, note, telephone).
  • Do not touch, handle, or move a suspicious object.
  • Evacuate the area immediately and take your belongings with you, if possible.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least one minute.
  • Notify your supervisor.

If you receive a phone threat:

  • Keep your voice calm.
  • Keep the caller on the phone to obtain as much information as possible.
  • Pay close attention to details and take notes.
  • Ask questions
    • When will it explode?
    • Where is it right now?
    • What does it look like?
    • What kind of bomb / threat is it?
    • Where did you leave it?
    • Did you place a bomb?
    • Who is the target?
    • Why did you plant it?
    • Where are you?
    • What is your name?
  • Notes to document
    • Date, time and phone number, if available, of call
    • Age and gender of caller
    • Speech patterns (accent, tone)
    • Emotional state (angry, agitated, calm, etc)
    • Background noise (traffic, people talking and accents, music and type, etc.)
    • Caller’s message, conversation, comments

What to look for when receiving a suspicious letter or package:

  • No return address and / or addressed incorrectly
  • Restrictive markings
  • Misspelled words
  • Unknown powder or substance, stains and/or discoloration on wrapping
  • Possibly mailed from a foreign country
  • Excessive postage and/or tape
  • Strange odor
  • Rigid or bulky
  • Lopsided or uneven
  • Protruding wires