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07/18/17 08:41am
SafetyNet #

Emergency Evacuation Signs

All campus buildings over one story high must have building evacuation signs posted on every floor. The signs must be posted at all stairway and elevator landings and immediately inside all public entrances to the building (California Code of Regulations, Title 19, Section 3.09).

Building coordinators or building safety committees who wish to make their own building evacuation signs must conform to the following criteria to comply with the state regulation:

  • The sign must show the floor plan for the level on which it is placed. It should be easy to see immediately by someone entering that floor of the building. All signs must be oriented to the direction of the viewer.
  • Place signs no more than 4 feet above the floor.
  • Make the sign’s lettering at least 3/16 of an inch high and in a non-decorative typeface, with the words in sharp contrast to the background so it’s easy-to-read.
  • Include emergency procedure information for the physically disabled.
  • Indicate the exit routes to be used.
  • Indicate the locations of exits and fire alarm pull stations.
  • Describe what the fire alarm sounds and looks like (audible and visual warning devices).
  • List the fire department emergency telephone number (911).
  • If there are elevators on the floor, state that they are not to be used during emergencies.
  • Use the following icons on your floor plans:

Map Icons

Other information may be added to the floor plans such as the location of fire extinguishers, hazardous material spill kits, or emergency preparedness equipment.

Remember that the sign must be clear and easy to read. The main objective is to get building occupants out of the building safely and quickly.