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01/08/19 10:52am
SafetyNet #

Emergency Medical Care

Occupational Health Services, (530-752-6051) at the Cowell building located on California Ave, maintains a staff of physicians to serve the campus community. Occupational Health's hours are:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

If you sustain a work injury and need medical services after-hours, please get medical services at the following places:

Davis Urgent Care
4515 Fermi Place, Suite 105
Davis, CA, 95618

Open 9am - 9pm; 365 days a year
For directions, please click here

If Davis Urgent Care is closed, go to Sutter Davis Hospital Emergency Room (530-757-5111).

Sutter Davis Hospital
2000 Sutter Place
Davis, CA, 95616
530-756-6440 (main hospital)

In a medical emergency, call 911 immediately or 530-752-1230 if using a cell phone. The ambulance crew responding will transport the employee to the most appropriate emergency medical facility.

All work-related illnesses or injuries, no matter how small, must be reported to the employee's supervisor immediately. The employee's supervisor should arrange for transport to Occupational Health Services during its operating hours when medical treatment is indicated or requested by the employee. When the Occupational Health Service is closed, the supervisor should arrange for care by a local physician or emergency room (such as Davis Urgent Care, Sutter Davis Hospital or Woodland Memorial Hospital). If an employee wishes to have his or her personal physician treat a work injury, a Physician Designation form should be completed and kept on file at the home department and at the Workers' Compensation Unit (as provided by UC Davis P&P Manual Section 370-20). If an employee does not have a Physician Designation form on file and the employee has been treated at an off-campus medical facility for a work-related illness or injury, the supervisor must advise Occupational Health Services. Occupational Health will contact the employee regarding follow-up care.

As soon as notified, the injured employee's supervisor must report all work-related illnesses or injuries requiring treatment by a physician or which result in lost time from work, or medical restrictions by providing the employee with an Employee's Claim for Worker's Compensation Benefits and completing the Employer's Report of Occupational Injury or Illness within one working day. The Workers' Compensation Unit (530-752-7243) will assist supervisors in evaluating individual cases and completing forms. Filing these reports is a state requirement.

Those who are unable to perform their normal job duties because of an injury should inform their physician of UC Davis' Modified Duty Program. This program helps employees with temporary disabilities avoid prolonged absences from work by returning them to some modified duty for a limited period of time. More information about the Modified Duty Program is available from the Workers' Compensation Unit (530-752-7243).