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01/08/19 10:50am
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Building Temperature Extremes

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The interior temperatures in campus buildings are set between 68°F (heating cycle) and 78°F (cooling cycle). Interior temperatures may temporarily fall outside of this 68°F-78°F range during the Spring and Fall when changeovers occur between heating and cooling cycles, during periods of equipment malfunction or maintenance, or during periods of extreme hot or cold outdoor temperature. In cases of extreme interior temperatures, department chairs, unit heads, and supervisors should take the following actions:

  1. Direct all complaints of temperature extremes in campus buildings to the O&M Service Request Center at 530-752-1655.
  2. Consider modifying employee work assignments when interior temperatures are below 65° F or above 85° F. Examples include changes in location, changes in time of beginning or end of workday, sharing duties, etc. Note: EH&S does not require or authorize changes in employee work assignments under extreme temperature conditions.
  3. Consider release from work when interior temperatures fall below 60° F or above 95° F.