Capsule Cooking Workshop

Eat smart with capsule cooking! Learn more about this special cooking method where you can whip up a wide variety of delicious and healthy dishes with the same collection of ingredients.

Plant-Based Eating Workshop

Build a healthier, plant-based plate with this nutrition workshop. You will learn common types of plant-based diets and practical ways to make healthful changes.

Diet and Lifestyle to Boost Immunity

In light of COVID-19, the immune system is crucial in the fight against the virus. Learn how various health practices can enhance the immune system to keep the body healthy.

Virtual Grocery Store Tour

The grocery store can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be!

Join us for a virtual grocery store tour, where we will show you how to navigate the aisles and make healthful decisions as you go. We will go section by section and highlight some nourishing food choices from each department.