Crisis Manager App

CrisisManager is a mobile application for the campus emergency response guide which will provide you with immediate access to emergency information.

You may have noticed the red flip charts around campus with emergency guides. Now you can have the same information at your fingertips at all times.

Download the Application

Step 1 - In the App store search for Crisis Manager (or Schooldude)
CrisisManger screenshot.


Step 2 - Open the App, once downloaded

Step 3 - Select Continue without logging in
Crisis Manager screengrab

Step 4 - Select the Access tab and then select Download Playbooks
Crisis Manager screengrab

Step 5 - Select Client Plans
Crisis Manager screengrab

Step 6 - Scroll down and select University of California, Davis, and then select Emergency Response Guide
Step 6 Picture

Step 7 - Select Emergency Response Guide
Step 7 Picture

The Emergency Response Guide will be downloaded to your device
Done! Picture