Emergency Preparedness for Students

Emergency Preparedness for Students

Before Classes Begin:

  • Register for WarnMe, the UC Davis mass notification system and keep your contact information current
  • Download the Guardian app to your mobile phone and become familiar with how to set a safety timer
  • Download the Crisis Manager app to your mobile phone and review the information on how to respond to different events
  • Review relevant evacuation procedures, fire alarm pull stations and fire extinguisher locations for your classrooms and other buildings you frequent
  • If you have an access or functional need (either temporary or permanent), contact the Student Disability Center


During An Emergency:

  • Report an emergency or suspicious activity to UCD Police Department by calling 911 or using the Guardian app.
  • Obtain accurate information from WarnMe, Aggie Alerts, and UC Davis Dateline.
  • Follow instructions provided by UC Davis faculty and staff.


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