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Profile allows Principal Investigators or Group owners to identify locations, manage personnel roster, and track safety related training.

Profile has been created as part of the University of California’s commitment to continuing a culture of safety.  Profile is part of a web-based system intended to identify your work area.  For a laboratory/research area, once identified, staff can take the PPE training and review the Hazard Assessment (LHAT) used by all academic appointees, staff, students, and visitors to prevent workplace illnesses and injuries. A chemical inventory can also be set up to track hazardous chemicals.  To set-up a new Profile please contact Veronica Thron at

Create a Group to manage permissions and access to documents and inventories. Groups are  integrated with LHAT, Chemicals, Inspect, and WASTe.

As a Principal Investigator (PI) or owner of a Group, Profile allows you to:

  • Identify or add personnel into your Group
  • Identify Delegates and Chemical Inventory Managers
  • Add/remove rooms from locations
  • Track safety related training


Login to Profile


Accessing the System

Recommended Browsers

Profile makes use of recent standards in web development and includes HTML5 features which are not supported in Internet Explorer 8.  We highly recommend using the latest version of one of the following browsers for the best experience in Profile:

Adding/Removing members (link to guide)

How do I add someone to my lab.pdf” & “How do I remove someone form my lab.pdf”)

Adding/Removing locations (link to guide)

"​​​​​​​How do I add a room to my Lab?"

Accessing Documents

You can access your Chemical Inventory, LHAT, and BUA associated with this Profile.

Review safety related training (link to guide)

How do I check training.pdf


Video tutorials and field definitions used in Profile are available in the “?” link in blue the top navigation bar.

Questions about your Profile

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Research Safety

If you have questions about the Risk and Safety Solutions system, please contact the Risk and Safety Solutions Service Desk at: