PPE: Foot and Leg Protection 

PPE: Foot and Leg Protection  

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Course duration estimate: 25 mins

This 25 minute course is intended for faculty, staff, students, volunteers and visitors that use/wear or should use/wear PPE, and for those people who supervise/manage them, in order to help acquaint users with the various types of personal protective equipment (PPE) specifically designed to protect the feet and legs. Course objectives include:

  • Recalling general OSHA requirements related to personal protective equipment.
  • Describing how to inspect and maintain foot and leg protection.
  • Choosing the appropriate foot and leg protection to guard against workplace hazard(s).

Note: Employees that have completed the UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals course do not need to complete this training and must complete the LHAT PPE Training instead.

**PLEASE NOTE: The Learning Management System (LMS), where trainings are housed, is set up for employees. If you are a student or visiting scholar, you must request access to the system before you can complete your training. Please email sdps@ucdavis.edu to request access to the system.

Required by Cal/OSHA and UC Davis P&P.