DSC Academy Certificate Series

Departmental Safety Coordinators are key to building a strong UC Davis safety culture. As a busy professional, you must prioritize the time you spend in safety training. The DSC Academy can help.

Learning about safety can be a lifetime pursuit that can encompass understanding regulatory and legal requirements, best practices, communication habits, and other “soft skills”. 

About the DSC Academy

The DSC Academy was created to further your safety education and to empower you with the tools and information you need to be an effective DSC. It is a self-led, self-paced curriculum using coursework available in the learning management system, as well as documents available online.

Two Tracks 

Both the LMS Track and the Policy Track must be completed for the DSC Academy "Core" certificate.

  • LMS Track: Online and instructor-led courses available through the Learning Management System
  • Policy Track: Read through applicable policies and regulations
Already completed DSC Academy requirements?
If you completed LMS courses and read policies before the launch of the DSC Academy, they count toward completion.

Required Coursework

Below is a table containing information related to the two tracks and two certificates offered along with checklists that you can download and print to stay updated on your progress. For both certificates, the LMS Track and the Policy Track are both required.

DSC Academy Certificate DSC Academy Advanced Certificate

Complete Both

Complete Both

Elective: complete Soft Skills for certificate notation

More Information About the Tracks

  • DSC Core
  • Appropriate for all DSCs, or anyone with an interest in safety. If your department consists entirely of office space, this track may be as far as you need or want to go in your safety education.
  • DSC Technical
  • Intended for DSCs of areas that have other types of spaces in addition to offices. These may be: laboratories, machine or other workshops, core facilities, animal vivaria, agriculture or remote field research areas, cold rooms, stock rooms, chemical storage rooms, waste accumulation areas and/or teaching labs. If in doubt if this track is right for you? Contact researchsafety@ucdavis.edu.
  • Soft Skills (elective)
  • Can benefit anyone with responsibility for safety. Enhancing safety culture is all about persuasion and communication. The elective, soft skills track can help you to communicate with sensitivity and skill, and to harness the soft power that you have.
  • Policy Core
  • Appropriate for all DSCs, or anyone with an interest in safety. This track will acquaint you with safety policies that can apply and have relevance to any department at UCD.
  • Policy Technical
  • Meant for the same spaces as DSC Technical. It is a larger group of policies that will educate you about the campus policies and/or regulations that apply to specialized areas such as those with use of radioactive materials, confined space, or many  more.

Recognition for Academy Graduates

Upon completion and submitting your completed course checklist, participants will receive:

  • Certificate
  • Acknowledgment in the DSC quarterly newsletter and meeting
  • Image for placing in signature block or elsewhere

Submit Your Work When Completed

Send your completed checklist by email to Rebecca Grunewald at bgrunewald@ucdavis.edu