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Workers' Compensation Resources

Contact information

Employer's Report - University policy requires that industrial injury/illness be reported to Workers' Compensation immediately. This can be done online with Employer's First Report (EFR).

If you have forgotten your Kerberos or are otherwise unable to access EFR, paper reporting is available in the Resources section.

Employer's First Report: Training for Supervisors video


Modified Duty Program - This brochure answers common questions regarding the UC Davis Modified Duty Program.

Notice Poster - California law requires that departments conspicuously display this poster where it can be read by the employees.

Physician Designation - An employee uses this form to designate his or her personal physician to provide treatment in the event of a work-incurred injury or illness. See Policy 370-20 for further information.

Policies Relating to Workers' Compensation

  • 370-20 - Policy and Procedure Manual, Workers' Compensation
  • PPSM 44 - Personnel Policies for Staff Members, Work-Incurred Illness and Injury 

Time of Hire Pamphlet - This state mandated form must be given to new employees within the first two weeks of employment. It is part of the informational packet at New Employee Orientation. The information in this pamphlet is available in Spanish. To obtain a copy, please select the appropriate link below, or call Workers’ Compensation at (530) 752-7243.

Volunteers - Information provided by UC Davis Human Resources about volunteer appointments.