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Respiratory Protection Program

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Respiratory Protection Program

Policy and Procedure Manual Section Relating to Respiratory Protection

Obtaining a Respirator

If your supervisor determines that your work requires the use of a respirator, proper medical evaluation and fit testing must be completed prior to use of any respiratory protective equipment. These steps MUST occur in a specific order, as mandated by Cal/OSHA regulations.

1)  Obtain a medical respirator clearance. Contact the Occupational Health Clinic on UC Davis Campus (530-752-6051) and complete the Request and Authorization Form. Once the form is faxed (530-752-5277) or mailed to Occupational Health, contact them and request an appointment for a medical clearance.

2)  Schedule a respiratory fit test appointment. Contact Occupational Health (530-752-6077) to make an appointment for the respirator fit test.  Fit tests are conducted at Occupational Health in the Cowell building on California street unless otherwise notified. Upon completion of a successful fit test, you will receive a respirator and the proper accessories (cartridges/filters, etc..) to protect against the agents you work with. You will receive training on the proper use, limitations, cleaning, storage, user seal checks, and cartridge change out schedules, in accordance with Cal/OSHA regulations and  UC Davis policies.

Renewing a Respirator Fit Test

It is the employee and supervisor’s responsibility to ensure that respirator users are obtaining:

  1. Medical Clearance (530) 752-6051
  2. Respiratory Fit Test (530) 752-6077
  3. Training EVERY YEAR by date of their last successful fit test (530) 752-6077

Occupational Health will send a reminder via e-mail to the employee and supervisor with a tentative date and time of the next respiratory fit test. This reminder will be sent a few weeks prior to the proposed fit test appointment. You must bring your respirator with you when renewing your respiratory fit test.

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