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Who We Are:


Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor
Eric Kvigne, Associate Vice Chancellor - Safety Services
Executive Assistant: Monica M. Vargas
Overall planning, outreach, and coordination of the Safety Services organization and its programs.
Telephone: 530-752-1247
FAX: 530-752-4527

Organization Chart


Clement StokesEmergency Management and Mission Continuity
Clement Stokes, Director (Staff Listing)
Assists the campus in preparing for, responding to, recovering from, and mitigating the effects of an emergency or disaster.
Telephone: 530-752-6463
FAX: 530-752-4527


Environmental Health and Safety
Curtis P. Plotkin, Director (EHS Unit Org Chart)
Executive Assistant: Monica M. Vargas
Telephone: 530-754-0456
Fax: 530-752-4527


Jim PattersonFire Prevention Services
James Patterson, Fire Marshal (Staff Listing)
Provides the UC Davis central campus and remote operations (such as Bodega Bay Marine Laboratory) with state regulated fire prevention services related to code enforcement and life and property protection.
FAX: 530-754-8184


Occupational Health Services

Dr. Karega Paisley, MD, Interim Director (Staff Listing)
Provides medical care and physical therapy for injured employees, as well as preventive medicine care to campus employees.
Main Office Location: Occupational Health Clinic, Cowell Building
Telephone: 530-752-6051
FAX: 530-752-5277

Risk Management Services
Gabriella Renteria Risk Manager (Staff Listing)

Supports the university's loss control programs, which include: Auto, GL, EPL, Property, & Workers’ Compensation.
Main Office Location: 276 Hoagland Hall
Telephone: 530-752-2629
FAX: 530-752-3439


Shared Support Services:

Business Services (Staff Listing)

Provides a variety of business services, including administrative and financial support.
Main Office Location: 276 Hoagland Hall
Telephone: 530-752-1493
FAX: 530-752-4527

Admin IT


Lisa Johnston

Lisa Johnston, IT Applications Manager  (View Contact Information)
Provides a variety of IT services, including analysis, design, development, implementation, and maintenance of applications.
Main Office Location: 1441 Research Park Drive
Telephone: 530-752-3818


Grant Nejedlo, Communications Manager for Employee Engagement  (View Contact Information)
Provides a full range of communications services, including event promotion, graphic design, photography, strategic planning, writing and editing, website strategy and design.
Main Office Location: 1050 Extension Center Drive
Telephone: 530-746-8794