Healthy Meetings - Celebrations

Healthy Meeting Checklist - Celebrations


☐ Provide a vegetarian meal.  If a meat option is offered, participants must opt in. 

☐ Confirm any food allergies or special dietary requirements and make sure these are covered. 

☐ Serve water/unsweetened teas as the only beverage.  Use pitchers and encourage reusable water bottles.

☐ Avoid food waste and help with portion control by using small plates.

☐ Place vegetables and fruits in the front of the food line and whole fruit as a dessert option.

☐ Request dressing and condiments be placed to the side for self-service.

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☐ Choose reusables for the catering order.  If disposable is the only option, make sure you have collection bins and signage.

☐​​​​​​​ Encourage use of reusable water bottles.

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After the Event

☐​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​Survey for feedback on your healthy meeting – stretches, food, mindfulness – how did you do??