Supervisor's Responsibilities for UC Davis Employees Covered by the Clerical Contract (CUE)

Under the labor contract between the university and the Coalition of University Employees (CUE), supervisors must provide ergonomic workstation evaluations and make appropriate adjustments for CUE-represented employees.

The Clerical Contract provides that:

  • Clerical employees who spend more than 60% of their normal work schedule on a computer must receive an ergonomic review of their workstation within 90 calendar days of starting work or being assigned to a new workstation.
  • Upon request, the department must supply a copy of the review, a response to the results of the review, and actions or alternate measures (if any) that the department will implement, including expected dates of completion.
  • If the department needs more time to review the workstation, it will have 60 additional days. The department must give the employee - in writing - the expected date(s) of the additional review results and a department response, including the expected date of any proposed resolution action.
  • A current employee can request and receive an ergonomic review from their supervisor and request and receive a copy of the written review, if any.

How to fulfill these responsibilities:

  • Conduct the workstation evaluation by using the Ergonomics Online Assessment tool within the 90 days described above.
  • Take the appropriate action indicated by evaluation results.
  • Document your actions by keeping a copy of each employee's Online Ergonomic Evaluation.
  • Ergonomic evaluations: If the Online Ergonomic Evaluation and any implemented changes don't alleviate employee concerns after one month, initiate a workstation evaluation by following the steps listed in the office ergonomics evaluation.