Vehicle Leases and Rates

A Fleet-owned vehicle can be assigned to your department for long-term use.

Requesting a Vehicle
  1. Request a vehicle by submitting the Vehicle Request form to Fleet Services.
  2. To view current vehicle rates, expand the Rates accordion below.
  3. Fleet will review and approve/disapprove Request for Vehicle/s.
    • Fleet will communicate with the department to determine the vehicle type based on usage and department needs to select a vehicle. Note that if this is a request for a new vehicle purchase, it must follow the guidelines in PPM 300-30 and BFB-BUS-8 policies.
  4. Fleet will provide costs estimates for Vehicle Modification Requests and will notify the department.
  5. Fleet will contact the department once a vehicle is available to schedule a pickup date
  6. Lease rate, insurance and fuel costs are billed monthly.

Fleet annually reviews vehicles meeting age/mileage/maintenance criteria to determine economic life remaining and adjust replacement plans accordingly. Vehicles assigned to departments will be contacted if a vehicle is due for replacement.

If you'd like to print a copy of the Certificate of Self-Insurance, please use this link.

  • A dedicated vehicle for your department use and needs
  • Complete routine scheduled maintenance and repairs are covered at no cost
  • Every rental vehicle has auto insurance coverage
  • Fueling at Fleet services is available for Fleet vehicles at a low recharge price or through the fuel card if off-campus
  • You can request a FasTrak device for a leased vehicle by contacting Fleet Services at vehiclereservation@ad3.ucdavis.eduToll fees will be recharged to your department account.


Vehicle Lease Rates
Type of VehicleMonthly LeaseMonthly InsuranceTotal Monthly Cost
Electric GEM$450.00$70.12$520.12
Vans - Passenger/Cargo$689.00$87.34$776.34
Vans - Heavy Duty Cargo$836.00$131.00$967.00
Hybrid SUV$620.00$87.34$707.34
4x4 SUV$676.00$87.34$763.34
Large SUV$880.00$87.34$967.34
1/2 Ton Truck$622.00$87.34$709.34
3/4 Ton Truck$690.00$131.00$821.00