Department Vehicles and Rates

Departments can submit requests to purchase their own vehicle based on their department's needs.

Currently, only specialized vehicles will be approved (e.g., boats, trailers, street sweeper).

While these vehicles are department-controlled, they must be registered with Fleet Services to ensure the University's auto insurance policy can be applied. Registration, vehicle branding, and initial setup of the vehicle are included in the monthly DCV rate.

Requesting a Department Vehicle
  1. Request a vehicle by submitting the Vehicle Request form to Fleet Services.
  2. To view current DCV rates expand the Rates accordion below.
  3. Fleet will review and approve/disapprove Request for Vehicle/s.
    • Fleet will communicate with the department to determine the vehicle type based on usage and department needs to select a vehicle. Note that if this is a request for a new vehicle purchase, it must follow the guidelines in PPM 300-30 and BFB-BUS-8 policies. (New vehicle purchases may take several months.)
    • Currently only vehicles determined to be specialized in nature will be approved for Department purchase. Specialized vehicles are defined as having a single purpose, so narrow in nature that Fleet determines it would be best purchased by the department. (A street sweeper would be an example).
    • As of 5/1/2021 all unlicensed cart purchases will no longer be approved and will need to meet LSV/NEV certifications. Exceptions are made for carts used on farms that either do not leave the farm or are trailered from one farm to another. Please contact Fleet to inquire about funding to assist in purchasing an on-road legal cart.
  4. The department is responsible for the purchase and funding of the vehicle. Request PO through Supply Chain Management
  5. Once the vehicle has been received contact Fleet Services to setup an appointment with service to have the vehicle inspected and branded. Please send the following to prior to the appointment –
    • Copy of PO
    • Copy of invoice
    • DCV Data Sheet – including account number
    • If purchase is for a vehicle, Registration 397 form is required
    • If purchase is for a trailer, the original Certificate of Origin (MSO) is required
    • If purchase is for a boat, the original “hang tag,” specifying generated emissions, is required.
    • Please provide the Owner’s Manuals and/ or any literature that was delivered with the equipment to the Service Office at time of the appointment.
  6. Fleet contacts department to release vehicle.
  7. Insurance and fuel cards are billed as a pass thru charge.

If you'd like to print a copy of the Certificate of Self-Insurance, please use this link.

Department Vehicle Rates
Type of VehicleMonthly ServiceMonthly InsuranceTotal Monthly Cost
Light-Duty Vehicle$44.00$87.34$131.34
Electric Vehicle$44.00$70.12$114.12
Heavy-Duty Vehicle$44.00$131.00$175.00