Hazard Communication Safety Committee (HazCom)


The HazCom Safety Committee is charged with supporting and enhancing the safety of employees who work with hazardous chemicals in industrial and non-research environments such as shops, animal care, housing, dining and facilities maintenance. Other hazardous materials (such as radiological and biological) and hazardous waste use are not included in this charge; those are covered under their own regulatory requirements. The HazCom Committee will be involved in the following safety program areas:

  • Strengthening safety culture
  • Increasing compliance
  • Analyzing issues/problems
  • Providing input into development of, and changes to, policies and procedures
  • Inspection program oversight
  • Outreach
  • Education


The committee is composed of members from multiple departments that use, store or handle hazardous chemicals in non-research environments.


Department Title Current Member
Animal Science Safety Coordinator Leslie Oberholtzer
California National Primate
Research Center
EHS Specialist Greg Hodge
Campus Veterinary Services Associate Director, Animal Care Program Rhonda Oates
Facilities Management EHS Manager Randall Williams
Office of Research: TRACS EHS Specialist Cheryl Pater
Plant Science Agricultural Supervisor Rosie Gluck
School of Medicine EHS Specialist Brett Smith
School of Veterinary Medicine EHS Specialist Maura Ferrero
Student Health & Counseling Director of Quality Improvement Mary Macias
Student Housing
and Dining Services
EHS Specialist Blanca Ponce
Environmental Health & Safety HazCom Program Manager Bernie Tano
Environmental Health & Safety Industrial Safety Specialist Julia Means
Environmental Health & Safety Lab Safety Professional Tarran Richardson
Environmental Health & Safety Manager Veronica Thron


At least quarterly.


At least 75% of the meetings (alternates are acceptable)


The Committee reports to the Director of Environmental Health & Safety.


Bernie Tano, btano@ucdavis.edu