Shop Safety Assessments

UC Davis conducts annual shop safety assessments based on the Shop Safety Assessment Checklist


Routine shop assessments are an essential part of establishing a successful shop safety program. These in-person walkthroughs of the facility and work task observations create opportunities to identify unsafe conditions and unsafe work practices before they can lead to injuries.  The collaborative shop safety assessment with EH&S is an opportunity to gain insight from an outside perspective and assistance from industrial safety professionals.  EH&S is here to learn more about your specific shop operations, corroborate positive work being done, identify areas of opportunity for improvement and assist the shop in finding effective solutions to safety challenges. 

Shop Safety Assessment Resources

To assist you in hazard identification, control implementation and preparation for the shop safety assessment we have created the following resources:

  • Shop Safety Assessment Guide- a step-by-step guide of what to look for and where to look for it.
  • Shop Safety Self-Assessment online using Inspect- this is the recommended platform for completing shop safety self-assessments as it provides additional information and/or resources to help you understand what is required for each checklist item. It also provides optional features that allow the end-user to thoroughly document their shop safety efforts including uploading photos, starting discussions and allows for digital recordkeeping of assessments. Inspect is mobile friendly; use your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Shop Safety Self-Assessment (PDF)- if you prefer paper, this is the pdf version of the shop safety self-assessment. Do not forget to retain records of your self-assessments.