Praxair Supply Disruption

Praxair in Sacramento, one of UC Davis’ strategic partners for industrial gases, liquids and dry ice, announced today that a Covid outbreak occurred among their delivery drivers. All of their drivers have been quarantined. Praxair invited critical UC Davis customers to the early Thursday morning meeting to discuss contingency plans.

When we received the communication on 1/8, Praxair was expecting 10-14 days of delivery delays. Praxair is receiving support from their sister companies to enlist drivers in the Northern California area. The drivers will be delivering in the Sacramento area, including Davis, during regular hours and on evenings and weekends. Under the circumstances, deliveries during normal business hours cannot be guaranteed. Your support and flexibility in receiving deliveries in the evening and weekend is greatly appreciated. 
Praxair requests the following from departments:

  • Consider only placing orders for product needed in the short–term 10-14 days. 
  • Pre-Arrange a weekend or evening delivery appointment with Praxair at the contacts below. 
  • Expect new drivers, unfamiliar with campus and the local area. 
  • If you have arranged for delivery and your driver has not arrived, please contact below. 
  • For support, contact our campus sales representative, Tiffany Ellingson Cell: 650-455-7396  and/or Praxair Customer Service: 800-660-2066
  • Closely monitor inventory. Please be considerate and only order what you need, at this time, for essential research.

 Deliveries for Liquid Nitrogen will be considered in cases that it is essential for protection of research material (cell storage) or in-line equipment. They will work with any customer that has a critical need to the best of their ability. Deliveries will be arranged as soon as possible and may arrive outside of normal business hours, on the evenings or weekends. 
Customers receiving Liquid Nitrogen dewar refill services are encouraged to accept a large 160 Liter or 230 Liter Liquid Nitrogen dewar and dispensing hose to perform their own refills. Researchers will have to dispense their own Liquid Nitrogen to minimize the driver’s time at each lab. Praxair or EH&S can provide training on safe handling practices. 
Medical grade high-pressure oxygen is the only product in shortage, due to high use inpatient care. The tanks are in shortage, not the oxygen. Liquid O2 is not experiencing supply disruption. Oxygen availability is a bigger problem in Southern California, due to more COVID patients than Northern California. Praxair is working closely with customers to ensure a sufficient supply.

Please reach out to Julie Alvarez at if Praxair is not able to meet your requirements. 

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