The 2023 Academic and Staff Satisfaction Survey is live!

The 2023 Academic and Staff Satisfaction Survey is in full swing.

This is an important and valuable feedback tool for the campus and Safety Services. I’m asking for your time to choose to rate any/all of the Safety Services suite. This includes Environmental Health & Safety, Fire Protection, Risk Management, Emergency Management, Occupational Health, and Staff & Faculty Health & Wellbeing.
It has been two years since campus last took this survey. Two years feels like a lifetime. However, in that time we’ve worked hard to continue supporting your services and to keep your people safe. Here are a few of our efforts we hope have helped you in some way:

Your voice matters and I hope you will share your feedback with our teams. We will continue to listen, adapt, and improve. As always, you are welcome to contact me directly. Thank you for your time, consideration, and partnership. Go Aggs!

UC Davis Academic and Staff Satisfaction Survey - Welcome (